Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why Again Faster?

Again Faster is committed to elite fitness. We bring our readers original and informative content about athletic training, lifestyle, and adventure. Our consistent quality and focus on results has made us a destination website for dedicated athletes.

Unlike the competition, we don't cover the fitness world--we live it.

We participate in the activities we write about, providing first-person accounts to our readers. This approach allows them to evaluate potential training and adventure opportunities in a low-pressure environment.

They know that we will not endorse any product, service, or organization that we would not use ourselves.

This philosophy has made us a trusted source for fitness information. An Again Faster endorsement for your business is as good as a personal referral. We combine the benefits of word-of-mouth buzz with the power of mass media.

Our forthright approach attracts your target demographic to our site. Our readers include Division I athletes, current and former members of our Nation's military, law enforcement officers, firefighters, triathletes, and marathoners. Fitness is not a hobby for these people--it is a necessary component of their success.

As such, our readers are your repeat buyers. They spend their training dollars freely, finding the most effective fitness solutions available.

Let Again Faster help you reach your core clientele. We are a cost-effective way to direct your marketing dollars quickly and accurately.

For an in-depth look at what Again Faster can do for your business, contact us today.

Building the Again Faster Brand

We proactively build our readership. Again Faster creates organic growth by giving our readers the opportunity to participate in group workouts and seminars that adhere to our standard of athletic training.

We believe that our philosophy of full-out effort attracts the most die-hard athletes in the Boston Metropolitan Area. These athletes are our readers and our friends. Through them, we seek to expand our reach and scope, as they bring other like-minded individuals into the fold.

We conduct our group workouts in public spaces where athletic endevours are an accepted part of the landscape. Our unique brand of fitness attracts attention.

Passers-by often stop to marvel at our level of effort and creativity. A select few join us, helping to enhance and extend the Again Faster Brand.

We do not limit our efforts to Boston. Again Faster is part of a worldwide community of elite athletes. We seize every opportunity to meet and train with these people--they are the lifeblood of our industry and the purveyors of our passion.

We believe that the quality of our training impacts everything we do. It transfers to our website and to our lives. As Again Faster grows, we will find new ways to reach our consituencies.

Regardless of our methods, our content will always adhere to a code of honesty and progression. We strive to demonstrate these values in everything we do.

If you choose to associate with Again Faster, consider yourself in good company. By making your business a part of our family, you'll find friends as well as clients. As our brand grows, so will yours.

Advertising With Us

We will work with you to create a cost-effective advertising campaign at Again Faster. All packages include a feature article review of your products and services on our website, as well as a one-month run of your ad copy.

You can increase your exposure by becoming a Sponsor at Again Faster. Sponsor Packages extend your advertising time, and provide the opportunity for additional feature articles on your business.

In some instances, on-site advertising is available at our weekend workouts and seminars. This high-impact advertising is available to our Sponsors on a limited basis.

Advertising with us is very flexible. We can custom-design a package to accomodate your business and your budget.

Our pricing schedule is based on your requirements. Please contact us for a thorough discussion of your needs.